Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brand Guidelines and its Importance

Brand guidelines or also known as brand books, brand standards, or brand manual is a comprehensive rules for how to correctly use your component elements of your brand identity.

The guide comprises fundamental rules and regulations about the correct placement of the brand, logo, the best use of colour, typography, imagery, photography, wording and more.

Why Brand Guidelines are Important?

Brand guidelines help to protect your brand’s strength
Brand guidelines create a value for your company by explaining the importance of your brand, describing ways of using elements of your brand and more.

It should provide a comprehensive manual for those who will be using your brand including employees, partners, designers and brand communication agencies. Brand guidelines enable you to communicate your key messages with one voice, one brand making it more memorable.

Consistency build greater brand recognition
Carefully crafted brand guidelines that are consistently followed throughout a company ensure you achieve greater brand awareness and recognition. Consistency is vital to ensure that your brand is clearly defined.

Adhering to brand guidelines help to keep your brand image defined and memorable, differentiating you amongst competitors in the people’s minds.

Brand guidelines create a relationship
Manuals often help to create a bond between your company and the other parties that are associated with you.

Brand guidelines or templates save time
You can save time as brand guideline points you to the right direction in maintaining and managing your brand or company. The templates included in the brand manual makes you company’s life simpler and more effective in creating brand recognition and brand value.

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